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Water Management

A precious ressource

Appreciated by producers and substrate manufacturers, our products will maintain the initial freshness and water characteristics of your soils and substrates.

Innovative products for the improvement of substrates, the limitation of water losses, prevention and treatment against water hardness troubles, our range comes in several packages adapted to each use.

Wetting agents

  • Aquamix

    AQUAMIX is a WETTING AGENT approved in France. It helps preserving the hydric characteristics of a potting soil up to 6 to 12 months. 

    Any soil that contains peat becomes hydrophobic when the humidity falls below the threshold of 50%. It is inevitable in culture; it is even sometimes desirable for short periods. Once dry, the peat is very hard to rewet. Part of the useful volume of the potting soil can thus be permanently lost (up to 30%).

    AQUAMIX prevents and corrects this phenomenon by allowing the water to penetrate and spread easily throughout the potting soil.

    NB: The use of this product is reserved in Europe for off-ground non-food crops.
    Ideal for :
    • Urban farming -
    • horticulture -
    • nursery -
    • substrate component -
    • cities -


    • Approved in France
    • High value wetting agent
    • High level of performance
    • Available under different packings
  • Fertil n°10

    FERTIL n°10 is a wetting agent, approved in France.  

    Soil manufacturers use a lot of agents to quickly get a lot of water into the dry peat. To prevent the hydrophobicity of potting soil.

    Pour mentionner l’utilisation d’agent mouillant sur les étiquettes en France, l’agent mouillant doit être homologué.

    In France, if a wetting agent is mentionned on the label, it must be approved.

    Ideal for :
    • substrate component -


    • Approved in France
    • Excellent value
    • Corrects the formation of dry areas in the soil
    • Ensures better drainage