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Home Gardening

Professional products, for everyone

A selection of our best professional products, in packagings adapted to the home gardener. To realize sowing, cuttings and to cultivate its garden. Our products are easy to use, chosen for their efficiency and safety.

FERTILPOT 100% natural pots, NUTRICOTE and PLANT-PROD fertilizers, accessories (mini-greenhouses and compressed pellets): our range is aimed both at young gardeners to the most experienced.

"Garden products for professionals"

  • Plantprod

    A must-have professional soluble fertilizer

    Plant-Prod is a premium quality soluble fertilizer used by many professionals for its high purity and high concentration.

    Available in 400g and 1kg, Plant-prod is the solution for those seeking a professional quality fertilizer.


    • High concentration
    • Purity and constant composition
    • Perfect solubility
    • Hermetic bucket
  • Nutricote

    Coated fertilizer

    Nutricote, the professional fertilizer, 100% coated. Polyvalent and safe.

    Nutrients are released gradually to feed your plants optimally over several months.


    • Professional fertilizer
    • Safe
    • Polyvalent



    The wood fiber plantable pot

    FERTILPOT, the one and only plantable wood fiber pot!

    100% natural and made in the Vosges forest, it has definitely found its place among plant producers and nurseries around the world. Ideal for your seedlings and cuttings, FERTILPOT has its place in the gardens, for plantations without plastic waste, respectful of the environment.


    • Plantable and biodegradable
    • 100% natural, no chemical
    • Zero waste !
  • Greenhouse with FERTILPOT

    The mini greenhouse for your seedlings

    A mini greenhouse with FERTILPOT.

    Allows a quick start of your seedlings thanks to its transparent and ventilated lid. The plants can then be easily separated and put in the ground without removing the pot. It will break down in the soil and turn into humus.


    • Biodégradable and plantable 100% natural pots
    • Reusable greenhouses