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The high quality plug

FERTISS is the first non-woven and ready-to-use propagation plug, appearing in the commercial market.

It is intended for the propagation of plants from cuttings, seedlings or in vitro. It can be delivered directly in cardboard boxes, or more often in a growing tray with the choice of several plug densities. FERTISS is the solution adopted by many young-plant producers, horticulturists and nurseries around the world. FERTISS is selected for its very high level of performance characterized by the speed and rate of plants’ rooting. The trays have been specially designed for FERTISS plugs to maximize aeration. The composition of the plug substrate is customizable.

with trays

  • Fertiss in trays

    A huge choice of trays specifically designed for FERTISS plugs.

    The selected trays have cells that allow air and water flow optimally around the plugs. Different densities of plants are possible, with for example, exclusive breakable trays.

without trays

  • Fertiss in bulk

    FERTISS plugs delivered in boxes, ready to be placed in your trays.

    FERTISS is a ready to use propagation plug for young or in vitro plants. The substrate is retained by a nonwoven paper. The roots can go through the paper. From this moment, the young plant can be transplanted.

    Ideal for :
    • horticulture -
    • nursery -
    • forest tree nursery -
    • cities -
    • young plants multiplication -


    • Excellent recovery rates
    • Great range with many sizes
    • Custom made substrate
    • Optimized packaging

Customed substrate and special treatment

  • Custom made substrate

    Specific fertilization, special pH, pre-holes?
    Our staff will be pleased to be of assistance for your projects.

    Ideal for :
    • horticulture -
    • nursery -


    • A plug that matches your specific needs
    • Available from 1 pallet