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FERTIL launches its new consumer brand: Les Sans Culotte

For 60 years, at FERTIL, we’ve been committed to responsible horticulture. Nature is our domain. Respecting it is our mission.

At the beginning of September, during the Pro Végétal Connect Day in Angers, we took a new step towards more ecological gardening by unveiling our new consumer brand  : ” Les Sans Culotte”.

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Fertil, a French know-how 100% from Vosges

FERTIL is a company that is strongly committed to its roots in the Vosges mountain range in eastern France. Deeply attached to respecting the environment, FERTIL has been pioneer since the early 1960s, with the creation of FERTILPOT®, the 100% natural plantable pot for professionals and for home gardeners.

Come and see the behind the scenes of FERTIL through this video 😊

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