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Tuesday 7 September 2021 - 17:03

FERTIL is pleased to announce that its main product, the FERTILPOT, received the PEFC certification (Program for the recognition of forest certifications) on April 2021. Our biodegradable pot is now recognized as being made of wood fiber from sustainably managed forests.

FERTILPOT is the only horticultural pot to hold this certification.

What is this certification used for ?

With millions of hectares certified worldwide, PEFC is the reference in terms of forest certification and source of certified wood. PEFC guarantees the use of wood from renewed and sustainably managed forests. It promotes respect for the local flora and fauna and the environment. And condemns the deforestation and the destruction of forest resources.
This PEFC certification therefore guarantees our customers that the wood that we use in our manufacturing process comes from responsibly managed and renewed forests. Another eco-responsibility proof of the FERTILPOT, which is made in France and does not contain any glues, binders or synthetic additives and is not chemically processed.  
By purchasing our FERTILPOT, our customers encourage the protection and the sustainable management of forests.
To learn more about PEFC certification, click here.

certificat PEFC

One more certification

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FERTILPOT was already certified by TÜV Austria Group as conforming to the “OK Biodegradable in Soil” label. This attests to its total harmlessness to the environment, even once placed in the ground.

And of course, it is compatible with organic farming according to RCE 834/2007.

Therefore, we are proud that all these certifications highlight our FERTILPOT, a product that truly respects the environment !

An idea, a project ?

projets FERTIL

So that we can study the feasibility of your personalized project together, send a request to the following address: . Don’t forget to specify the quantities you want to order, the desired delivery time, the desired packaging, shape of the pot etc.

Our team will contact you to give the most suitable solution.

For more information on our products, please contact our Regional Sales Representatives.