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Monday 13 May 2019 - 16:36

Among the wide range of FERTILPOT, is the special range Hydro-FERTILPOT. Developped in order to respond to the hydroponic market, Hydro-FERTILPOT is becoming a reference to replace the plastic basket or the peat block.

For many years now Hydro-FERTILPOT is used in lettuce hydroponic productions. Considered as one of the most optimal hydroponic pot in NFT or floating system, FERTILPOT is still evolving in a new smart shape. The new collar over the pot is making even easier for destaking and handling the hydro-FERTILPOT during the cultivation.

Hydro-FERTILPOT : a natural hydroponic net pot !

Made of 100% wood fibre, Hydro-FERTILPOT acts equally as a usual plastic net pot. It provides superior air flow and irrigating properties. They are also perfect for any bog plant, hydroponic or aeroponic use.

Hydro-FERTILPOT is available in 2 sizes: 6×6 cm and 8×8 cm round pots.

Hydro-FERTILPOT is the only one to preserve Nature, and is famous for its agronomic and organic properties.