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FERTIL joins Florentaise group

Anticipating his retirement in 2019, Guy DE LA MARTINIERE sold his companies, including FERTIL, to Floreasy, holding the FLORENTAISE group and led by Jean-Pascal CHUPIN.

The new group is unique in France in terms of size, portfolio and expertise in the markets covered by the group. The synergies between the two companies will help accelerate their development, especially abroad. And this, with the same vision of sustainable development, working with a common renewable raw material: the wood fiber.



Late planting of vine… in FERTILPOT

Late planting of the vine has significant advantages: the control of planting schedule, the benefit of a more favorable weather, more time for good soil preparation, and to have stronger and well-rooted plants .

Planting a vineyard in FERTILPOT ? Users testify. The interviews of three vine growers from very different backgrounds, evoking their experiences of late planting.


Winner of the Golden Trophy of the Innovert competition at Salon du Végétal 2017, the FERTILPOT NT is the culmination of long years of research and development. Its shape combined with a patented technology allow it to be perfectly mechanized and adapted to the standard equipment in horticultural production (machines, trays). It keeps the excellent agronomic characteristics of the standard FERTILPOT, but opens new perspectives, especially with large producers whose production tools are highly automated.